Alistair Phillips - Knifemaker

Member of the Australian Knifemakers Guild

Hi there. I finished my first knife 2 years ago now at a workshop run at the Tharwa Velley Forge. However I started my first knife back in 1991 so you could say I have been making knives for 17 years. I finished that knife last year and you can see it in the past work gallery. Karim at the Tharwa Valley Forge has been very helpful getting me going with my hobby, every little while I will head down there for a chat and to hammer a few knives out at his forge for finishing at home. More recently I have done a little bit of stock removal using some stainless steel to make some neck knives and I have also made my first folder - a slipjoint. I plan on spending some more time on folding knives, they seem to be much more practical to me and can be carried most places without too many interesting looks from people. Try doing that with an 8 inch or longer bowie or sub hilt fighter on your belt. Most of my interest lays in smaller daily use knives.

I really enjoy the process of making a fine hand made knife. There is something very rewarding about getting to the final product which you have spent many hours getting to and getting a certain amount of satisfaction in the work that you have done. You also know that with each knife you produce you learn and improve and gain skills every time.

If you are interesting in discussing a knife I can make for you or having a chat about my knifemaking feel free to contact me.